What is a Family Resource Network?

Because existing systems of delivering services to families and individuals are often fragmented and can be a source of stress for those who most need assistance, the Governor’s Cabinet on Children and families developed the concept of FRNs to encourage collaboration between families and agencies to design and plan services that are family-centered, strengths-focused, community-based, and prevention-oriented.


ERFRN - Featured Programs

Families Strong

Families Strong is a free online support group for families and friends affected by addiction.

Parents as Teachers

Parents as Teachers is a free program that supports families prenatally through kindergarten.

Celebrate the Family 2021

Save the Date to participate in our annual Celebrate the Family Event! 

Are you a local business that would like to set up a table at Celebrate the Family? Registration is coming soon!

Dispose of Prescription Medications Safely and Wisely

Learn more about the correct way of  disposing of your unwanted and unused prescription medications. We provide a local list of drop box locations in our communities to make it easy, safe, and convenient to dispose medications that thrown away improperly, could cause harm to the environment, you, and your family,

Helping Children and Adolescents Cope with Violence and Disasters

One person reaching out a helping hand to another person

Learn how to help our partners and young people in our communities cope with the trauma associated with the devastating loss of life and property from WV flooding and other situations. Download a copy of the free eBook from the National Institute of Mental Health or visit the NIMH here for more information.

Your Contributions Help Local Communities and Families

Please consider contributing to Eastern Regional Family Resource Network.  Your support helps to provide community-based, family-centered activities and programs for local children and their families.